I am Ste + I am quarantined = Quaranste.


Hopefully starting this blog will give me the motivation to get up before midday.

A few things about me:

– Resident of Madrid (Madders)

– Love lists. I love ranking everything. I’ll rank my favourite fast food joints, favourite beers, genocides, whatever

– Consumer of way too much TV

– One of those pretentious beer guys (#hazy)

– Triple power hour champion

– Avid runner (I don’t run to get fit, I run so I can eat more trash food while still maintaining my slightly chubby physique)

– Film major

– Firm believer that there is skill to Monopoly

– Very firm believer that 2000s indie rock is the best music ever

– If I had one wish it would be that people stop judging me for loving Fireball and Coke.

I don’t really know what kinda rabbit holes this blog’s gonna go down, but the posts are probably gonna be an amalgam of the above. A chronicle of my time holed up in my flat during COVID-19. A very beery, foody, filmy, musicy dive in to insanity.