The Best Music In June

A lot of music comes out every month, but in June it just so happened that a lot of truly great stuff came out. Maybe it was thanks to a lot of delays due to Corona that everything got thrown at us at once, but regardless, it was impossible to cover everything and post about my favourites. There’s only so much time. So here are my collected thoughts on several of June’s records. If you think there are omissions, I have already written about Sonic Boom, No Age, Run The Jewels, and most recently Bob Dylan.

Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher

Punisher might be my favourite record of the year so far. It reminds me of 2000s indie, specifically stuff from the Team Love label, which makes sense because she’s been riding with label head Conor Oberst as of late. I’m so jealous of her talent. She has surrounded herself with some of the best musicians in indie out there, Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes and Matt Berninger of The National, her band mates in Boy Genius, and Punisher is the culmination of that. The record is so big, huge strings, drums, and massive crescendos are just dripping off the record. It’s one of the most immaculately produced indie records I’ve heard in a long time, Pridgers has basically crafter one of the best ever Bright Eyes album not made by Bright Eyes.

Haim – Women In Music pt. III

Strangely enough, I had never been that interested in Haim. I love Father of the Bride by Vampire Weekend, which Haim heavily featured on, and that was a fantastic pop album that had interesting production and sounded completely organic, and Women In Music pt. III is exactly that. A lot of the record reminds me of Modern Vampires of the City, especially with the first track, as it introduces new instruments, such as saxophones, from outside musicians, the field recordings background chatter on the streets, and the drums sound exactly the same. Even the bonus tracks a great.

Jessie Ware – What’s Your Pleasure?

June was totally a month of bests, Haim put out their best record yet, and now Jessie Ware has done the same. Though there isn’t necessarily a big leap in sound from her previous releases, as much of the music is house beats that make you groove, but it’s her best collection of tracks by a landslide. It’s uplifting, sexy, raunchy, and towards the back end of the record it gets really caught up in these huge swirling arrangements that are almost transcendent. What’s Your Pleasure? is the best dance album of the year so far.

Kate NV – Room For The Moon

This is an odd one, and I totally understand if it’s not for you. Kate NV is a Russian multi-instrumentalist who creates these meandering and largely instrumental pieces of music, and every now and then all the instruments click together to create this huge, harmonious euphoria. It’s the perfect mix of rock and disco. The music on Room For The Moon is a lot of fun but unfortunately it has been extremely overlooked. Also, how Moon Shaped Pool-esq is the cover? Whose gonna create the Grey Album type Kate NV, Wilco, and Radiohead mash up album?

John Legend – Bigger Love

Just putting this out there, for somebody who despises clean and positive pop music, this ain’t that bad. Maybe I’ve become accustomed to it because my girlfriend is blasting it all the time. There’s a theory that music never grows on you, you just get used to it, and this might be one of those cases, but I’ve heard worse. The reason I dislike this kind of music is because it is so clean and polished, so radio friendly with every song clocking in at three minutes just so any one of them can get the chance to become a hit. It’s so manufactured and there’s never any risk or experimentation, but Legend’s voice man, it’s beautiful. Not even I can criticise this music.

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