Music Wishlist For The Second Half of 2020

So there have already been many exciting albums announced for the second part of this politically, socially, and economically disasterous year, but here are some of my favourite bands in which I feel confident we’ll get some announcement from, and some bands I want to hear from that is based on nothing, just what I want. And if I don’t get them I’m totally gonna throw my toys out of the pram come December.

Also, I think this list is magic. I had put Bright Eyes in the last draft, and when I finished writing the list and scheduled it to be posted for the 1st of July, Bright Eyes announced a new album two days later. It doesn’t matter if the band had already put out three singles. That was me, man. So if we go by that, everyone on this list will announce a new album within the next week.

The Avalanches

Starting with the most obvious, and my favourite studio band. The record is basically all but announced. I have theorised that the reason it hasn’t actually been announced yet is due to COVID-19, as it has been months since the release of the band’s two new singles. It’s looking like it’ll be similar to the last record, full of guest features on well produced pop music that resembles a bygone era.

Fleet Foxes

Who knows where we’re at with this. Main man Robin Pecknold seemed massively confident that the follow up to Crack Up would come just two years later, in 2019. But that didn’t happen, and now we’re getting constant updates from his Instagram stories and the album seems less finished than it was a year ago. Though we are getting less updates, which means there might be some headway and it may even be finished…


What are the chances of getting Dear Tommy, the album that has been teased for eight years now? We’ve gotten an album cover and even a good amount of singles from the project over the years. Last year, the band put out a completely different album that seemed to be released with the primary intention of promoting the release of Dear Tommy. Of all the albums on the list, this one would break the internet.

The Flaming Lips

So The Flaming Lips just released a new song, “Flowers of Neptune 6.” It’s a fascinating song that resembles the softer approach to psychedelic music they perfected on Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. Every one of their albums has the token Yoshimi-esq track, so maybe they had a record in the bag? However, the song could just be a loosie, as though the band a famously very productive and always releasing music, it is always a good few years between proper studio albums.

Ariel Pink

Pink never takes too long between putting out records, but I fear we may not get a new one this year as he and his label are making a huge deal out of collating his rarities and releasing them in great packages. The label is also reissuing his older albums. As there’s a major focus on that, I’m not that optimistic, but I’m still hopeful as Ariel now hasn’t released an album in almost three years, which will be totally unprecedented if it takes any longer.

Joanna Newsom

Come on, Joanna. The harpist’s last album was in 2015, and her album before that was 2010. Let’s keep that five year tradition and put one out this year… please. Her last two albums were put out in September so it’s very possible, especially seeing how she even went on tour last year, and the time between then and now could very possibly be studio time.

Jamie xx

Here’s another musician whose last full length was a good five years ago. The electronic musician recently put out a five minute slab of energetic, pulsating dance. Here’s to hoping that banging new track isn’t just a loosie. That song got a ton of promotion, so it’s likely that there may be something in the works. A full album of that kind of sound would be incredible as It was all over the place and full of chaos.

Neutral Milk Hotel

Am I kidding myself? This might be another huge leap, but the Jeff Mangum lead freak-folk band have been leaving clues about a new album every year, most recently when the words double album were written on some art painted by Mangum himself. A double album from Neutral Milk Hotel, imagine that. How is Mangum and the band even surviving? What do they do to make money? Surely they can’t be making much off royalties, it’s not like you’re gonna hear “Song Against Sex” in a commercial.

Fiery Furnaces

Fiery Furnaces aren’t for everyone, even I have a hard time listening to some of their music. But nobody can make music like them, and they have returned after 11 years with two new tracks. Though the press release reads like it’s a one off, it’s hard to believe that they returned just to release a single with a vinyl only B-side. Blueberry Boat remains an extraordinary album that is so underrated, and their final album is just as good. Come on, guys, let’s squeeze one more classic out.

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