More Bands With Less Than 10,000 Spotify Listeners

With hundreds of thousands of bands on Spotify, there will always be music that’ll be missed out on despite being great. After already written a couple of these and still finding beloved artists of mine with criminally low amounts of monthly listeners, here’s another one…

CEO – 5,256 monthly listeners

Eric Berglund is the CEO of Swedish indi label Sincerely Yours, and he goes by the very apt pseudonym of CEO. This is the greatest synth-pop to come out of Sweden, but an ex-girlfriend of mine once told me the music reminds her of Vengaboys. It’s no surprise that we broke up, but I haven’t been able to get that comparison out of my head ever since. Don’t let that keep you from checking him out, his first record, White Magic, is some of the best music of the 2010s, his follow-up doesn’t quite reach the heights, but the lead single “Whorehouse” is in the top 10 ten tracks of the decade.

Dams Of The West – 1,253 monthly listeners

Dams of the West is the side project of Vampire Weekend drummer, Chris Tomson. I know what you’re thinking, in what world would a drummer’s side project be of any interest, but Panda Bear started out as the drummer for Animal Collective, let that sink in. Dams of the West didn’t get the best reviews, but it’s still very good alt rock that was recorded with Patrick Carney of the Black Keys. You’d think this side project would have a lot more listeners due to how popular Vampire Weekend is. VW has almost five million monthly listeners. DotW has just 0.03% of that figure. And you call yourselves fans?!

High Places – 4,645 monthly listeners

This one isn’t too surprising. The band have a bunch of great and unique records, all of which are on Spotify, but it’s fairly lo-fi, drowned in reverb, triabally purcusiion. There’s great rhythms and an amazing female vocalist. Unfortunately the band have been inactive for the past few years, but they were highly productive in their formative years, releasing four albums between 2008 – 2011. Their most played song is “Banana slugs-Cosmonaut,” and if that title doesn’t lure you in then nothing will.

Love Is All – 2,118 monthly listeners

If you only decide to listen to one band from this list, please let it be Love Is All. This is another Swedish entry and this one really hurts. Love Is All is without a doubt one of my favourite bands and easily the best Swedish band of the past 20 years. Don’t let the band name fool you, the music is energetic punk rock with a saxophone player and a boisterous sounding lead singer. They rarely slow down the pace and their albums average at about 32 minutes in length. The music is easily digestible, highly infectious, and annoyingly catchy.

The Most Serene Republic – 2,579 monthly listeners

Admittedly not even I know this band too well. Only being a fan of a few tracks, I have ignorantly never properly checked out any of The Most Serene Republic’s music. However, the track “Don’t Hold Back, Feel a Little Longer” is a secret festival hit. If it was more well known, it has potential to be a summer banger. It’s total 2000s indie-pop with male and female call and response vocals. After researching for this list I listened to two of their albums, both of which are great.

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