Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich Reveals Nothing We Don’t Already Know

It’s no secret that s Jeffrey Epstein is a sex-trafficking demented pedophile freak. The things he tried for so long to keep behind closed doors, such as raping teenage girls, taking video and photographing them, and passing them to other wealthy scumbags, including Prince Andrew, his lawyers, and maybe even a couple of presidents, has been well documented leading up to and since his death. That’s partly why Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich fails in being a great criminal documentary, which Netflix has become known for doing so well.

I went in to the four episode series expecting some major investigative journalism. You know, that stuff Netflix is known for. But no, what we got instead is a timeline of when he raped who. The mini-series did not go in to any of the questions anybody had. This four part documentary is more of a summary of what happened than anything else.

Now, the show does give a bit of insight in to his death, the bare minimum. Dr. Michael Baden, who performed the post-mortem on Epstein, was interviewed for documentary and there is about a total of 10 minutes spent on what everybody already knows. Also, there is not enough archival footage. You’ll be annoyed after you’ve seen the same eight photos of Epstein 50 times.

It doesn’t even go in to how Epstein got the island, which was all over the news. The producers must have played it safe, being too scared that they would likely get sued if they insinuated anything that couldn’t be backed up with proof. We want to know about the island, we want to know about the death, we want to know about Trump, we want to know about Bill Clinton, as it is now famously reported that he flew to Epstein’s island 26 times.

The show clearly had an agenda, an understandable agenda too, to bring down Epstein’s accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, who for some reason got away Scott free despite being heavily involved in most of the sex-trafficking, which was said by multiple sources. The show, almost hilariously, mentions at the end of every episode that Maxwell denies all claims.

If anything, the show is great for the victims, as it gives them a platform to freely discuss their experience to millions of people and express their opinions on what happened in court and his death, and maybe it gives them a bit of closure. I’m sure this four parter will be great in 30 years time when teenagers don’t have a clue who Epstein is and a way for parents to show their kids so they can learn about the way predators work.

Hopefully this will spark a more interesting and more important and more investigative documentary than this lazy, non-challenging summary of events.

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