5 Places in Madrid that would Make Great Call of Duty Maps

Have you ever walked in to a building or an area where you live and thought, “Damn, this would make a great Call of Duty Map.” Yes you have. We’ve all thought about it, places we’ve visited or know well with enough hiding places from where you can shoot enemies in the back of the head. Or somewhere that has a high ground where you can snipe players down below. Here are a few ideas for Call of Duty: Madrid! Hope you’re reading Activision, these are a few freebies.

Plaza Del Toro

The bullring in Ventas. Even better, when it’s not bullfighting season there are loads of different events held here, the best being a club inside a tent on the grounds. In fact, never mind COD, this would make a great Hitman map.


Retiro is a massive park. There’s a huge lake with rowboats in the middle, hedge mazes, centuries old pillars, and there’s the Fallen Angel monument, the first ever statue dedicated to Satan himself, which is rumoured to be exactly 666 metres above see level. What better place is there to go manhunting?

Royal Palace

Shooting up the palace, diving over horses, stained glass shattering, a Royal Palace map would be wonderfully chaotic. There are over 3000 rooms and over 135,000 metres of floor space. My advice to Activision – design the level to scale, get hundreds of players in an online game, play the most epic battle royale ever.


Because Madrid is a loaned-locked city dead in the middle of Spain, there is no beach, and if there’s one thing Madrid is known for, it’s the countless amounts of rooftop bars and pools. Activision, create a level full in the sky full of rooftops with players being able to jump between them. This would make for a great map, who wants another map in a dull and drab warehouse?

Atocha Train Station

This isn’t just any train station, this is a train station full of water features and greenery. There are even turtles in there. There are three floors with hidden areas, full of convenience stores to shoot up and it’s got a huge outdoor space too.

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