Four of the Best Rooftop Bars in Madrid

This past Monday marked the day Madrid entered Phase One, meaning bar terraces can open at 50% capacity. We have well and truly entered summer here as the heat reached 32 degrees! It was a wonderful dad, I was fucked by 2pm and I remember very little. To celebrate, here are my four favorite rooftops in Madrid. There are plenty of great rooftops to choose from, but these are some of my favourites.

Mercado San Anton

The journey through the building to reach this rooftop is one of temptation. There are more than a dozen food stands all with different cuisines. It smells phenomenal, but there’s too much choice. Once you’ve made your way through, reaching the top feels like some kind of victory. There isn’t a great view, but the drinks and food are great, and this one is cozy as hell. It’s impossible to get a seat if you go late so you better settle in early.


It’s pretty obvious by the rooftop’s name, but this bar is on top of a gym, which is a great way to procrastinate instead of working out. You’ll get a seat without lurking over people while they awkwardly finish there drinks, but you’ll be queueing outside for a couple of hours unless you get there before 1pm. When you go, wear sunscreen. This is the best suntrap in Madrid. The best cocktails too.

Dona Luz

This one’s on the list for the food and the vibe, the drinks are overpriced and the quality isn’t great. A bottle of sangria will set you back about 20 euro (that’s expensive here!) and it‘s bottled, not freshly made. Don Simon is honestly better. BUT, this place has a nickname, we call it Goujon Rooftop, simply because their chicken goujons are amazing, and the garlic aoili that comes with it is to die for. The place looks beautiful, there a nice breeze in the shaded areas, and it’s scorching hot everywhere else. It’s almost impossible to find, with the entrance hidden between two stores on the hectic Gran Via.

Generator Hostel

Hostels are different these days, you don’t really get tied up and tortured anymore. In fact, if you’re lucky you’ll end up in one that hosts rooftop day parties with taco stands. That’s Generator rooftop. Downtempo house music, blue skies, 40 degree heat, and ice cold overpriced beers. It’s the best.

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