Running Journal #7

Only being allowed out for a couple of hours each evening, it is really hard to have the time to run when there’s dinners to prepare, a girlfriend to humour, et cetera. This run was a short one, and most of them from now on will be short until the parameters change for when we’re allowed out.

Also, running this often after not having trained for 10 weeks is going to cause a little pain. My calves feel tight as hell, even though I stretch before and after the run, I may have to reduce the amount of days I run per week until I’m fully accustomed and back in the swing of running like this. If this ever happens to you, just slow down a bit, you can get creams, which do help, but the last thing you want is an injury. I know it’s annoying, especially for competitive people like myself, but decrease the amount of runs per week, run the first couple of kilometres slower than you normally would, and if it becomes painful, stop.

Because of this, I took it easy on this one. Ran slow on a breezy five km, and felt great afterwards.

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