Running Journal #6

There’s something I should explain, or rather confess, before getting in to the details of this run…

Firstly, here in Madrid, McDonalds has been closed for 10 weeks. It has just recently re-opened. Of course I had to get a McDonalds, even if I was planning on running a few short hours afterwards. We even made a big event out of it here in the flat. I went hard too. My order was;

  • Large Quarter Pounder Meal
  • 1 euro BBQ Chicken Burger
  • Bucket of 25 Nuggets (they were to share between three, OK!)

Anyway, the run was shit. Not much else to say, really. Though I am adamant, that a big part of the struggle was to do with having ran so many days and I think I just needed a break. Though it’s not like the McDonalds helped. maybe I shoulda just eaten a banana instead.

I barely made it 3.5 kilometres before switching to walking.

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