I Made A Lacy-Edge

Cooking is not one of my talents. Cooking is not something I even enjoy doing. Not remotely. I always thought it was a waste of my time when I could put my energy into something else while my Uber Eats gets delivered. But since we’ve been quarantined and 15 euros for a burger a day is murdering my current account, I threw caution to the wind and yelled “FUCK IT!”

I love burgers more than anything in the world. Burgers, pizza, beer. All I watch anymore are YouTube videos of people making burgers and pizzas. Now, I didn’t decide to make any old burger. I took a page (literally) out of George Motz’ book, Hamburger America. I chose to make the Lacey-Edge, which is a burger that you flatten until it’s paper thin, so thin you can see through it almost. And the edge is so thin and crispy. It’s also gotta have a big circumference, like, hanging over the edge.

I bought some mince, not even any fancy mince. Just standard mince. Rolled the mince in to a ball, but not a tight ball because if it’s too tight, it won’t flatten on the pan. Then, when on a ball and the pan is hot, throw on the meat and immediately smash down with a spatula or whatever you have. Like, proper flat. If you think it’s too flat, it’s not, just keep flattening.

Once flat, season ‘em with a bitta salt and pepper. After a couple mins, flip ‘em, throw on the cheese (while the patties are in the pan so it melts on the burger,) and done! Simple.

I didn’t stick completely to the recipe. The Lacey-edge is just one patty with cheese and no toppings. Well, I’m not having that. I made it a double with pickles, chopped onions, grilled onions, jalapeños, ketchup.

With the bun, I used what I could get. There wasn’t much choice and they were out of brioche. But the bun did the job and the top bun isn’t as big as it looks in the photo. I buttered the bun and threw it in the pan for 30 secs so it gets a bit crispy and soak up all the beef juices. In fact, that is a big part of the flavour.

Now, just look at that Lacey-Edge! What a beaut! Look how crispy it is and flops out of the bun. And the mad thing is, it took about 10mins! I’m never ordering burgers again!

And here’s the money shot. Just look at how the beef is hanging on by a thread of cheese. That’s a lacey-edge right there.

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