Running Journal #1

In Madrid, people my age are now allowed out between 8-11pm for exercise. Woohoo! Freedom! So the second it hits 8pm everyone’s about. And since this has been allowed, the death toll hasn’t increased, which is great and means the 3hr freedom will continue.

I love to run. I love competing with myself. I love running long distances, even if I am destroying my knees. I’m gunna keep a running log and hopefully this will motivate me to keep running, not miss a day, and finally lose that beer gut. My workouts are being logged on mapmyrun.

So this post is actually a bit late. The first run was three days ago. I ran 12km, but the time was terrible. Excuse time, I was with my flat mate and it was more of a run / stroll and enjoy the freedom, but it’s a start.

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