How To Have The Best Zoom Experience During Quarantine

We’ve all seen your fun little quizzes on your Instagram stories (I’m accountable for this too,) but it’s time to get over it. You know they’re no longer fun anymore. You’re a sore loser. You’ve grown to hate the one that always wins, and they’re a sore winner too. There’s a new trend on Zoom and it’s called CENTURION.

Centurion is the greatest game of all time and the rules are simple. You throw back a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes.

In the states you may know it as Power Hour, which is simply a shot a minute for a mere 60 minutes. Lazy.

If you think yer hard, try double Centurion. The closest I’ve come is 180 minutes (or triple power hour)

Rather than watching a timer and, god for it, you miss a shot, you can find a power hour montage on YouTube. These play a song for 60 seconds before switching to a new one. You just drink when the song changes. (You’ll have to queue another video up tho because these are only power hour videos. Once it finishes you still gotta do another 40 shots.)

I know what yer thinking, “But Ste, It’s only a shot of beer, it ain’t vodka.” You have no idea how fucked this game will get you. The minutes go by so much quicker the further in you get. To put it in perspective, single Centurion is roughly 12 cans of beer. That’s a crate of beer in 100 minutes. Or two creates in 200 minutes.

And that’s it, the best Zoom experience.

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