Top 5 Quarantine (Drinking) Activities

I’ve been holed up in this flat for 5 weeks now and there’s only so much Simpsons I can watch in a day. That’s why I have put together this nifty list of activities that will see you through to the end of Quaranste, whenever that might be.

(N.B. This is basically a bunch of games that includes people having to drink whenever they fuck up.)

#1 – Drink Badminton
Now, when we did this we were just rallying, but this works for proper matches too!
It’s basically really simple, just drink whenever it is your fault the rally ended, or if you’re playing a game drink whenever you lose a point.
I recommend This badminton set. It’s really cheap and don’t require much room in your house or flat. It is easy to set up and take down and they even come with a bag so you can take it to the park… that’s if we’re ever allowed back out…
(To avoid getting Carpel tunnel, don’t play for 7hours until it hit 5am like I did. My wrist is totally fucked. Hurts whenever I pour the kettle. Totally worth it though.)

#2 – Drink Uno
This is a simple one, Drink UNO! A Classic. All you have to do is drink a second for every card you have to pick up. Whether it’s two or 20. I had to pick up 16 cards at one point. This game can really ruin you if you’ve got a can of beer in yer hand.
And obviously the loser has to down a dirty pint.

#3 – Drink Exercise
Right, ignore whatever workout blogs you follow! Drinking while working out helps, I’m telling you. No specific drinking times, but just replace your water bottle with a whiskey flask or whatever. You will see results.
Also, it’s very important to keep fit during quarantine, all the shit we’re throwing in our gobs, we need to counteract that with a bit of drink exercise.
Get an exercise mat (this one is the best value for money) and bang on a YouTube video. Even just 15 minutes a day will make a difference.

#4 – Drink Jigsaw
I really don’t know how to incorporate forced drinking in to making a jigsaw, but just drink while doing it, I guess. I also just wanted to flex – I completed the the below 1000 piece jigsaw. Only took a few days.
This is super hard ‘cause there are like 200 pieces that are completely blue. Whoever made this, fuck you.

#5 – Drink Bowling
I know what yer asking, “Ste, how can you possibly bowl in your home?”
It’s easy my friend. Empty beer cans/bottles. Go to the longest hallway in your home. At the end place your pins (beer bottles) and just use a tennis ball instead of a bowling ball.
Drinking-wise, You have to drink for a second for every pin you miss. For example, if your total for the round is 7, you have to drink for 3 seconds. If you get a spare or a strike, your opponents have to drink and vice-versa. The person with the biggest loss at the end has to do a dirty pint. Fun!
(Make sure the beer cans are completely empty before you start using them as pins. Otherwise your floor is gunna be stinking like a dive bar.)

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